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Wheat is an important source of carbohydrates. Globally, it is the plant protein in human food, its protein content is about 13%, relatively speaking Compared with other major grains, the protein content is higher, but the protein quality is lower Essential amino acids. When eating whole wheat, wheat is a source of many grains Nutrition and dietary fiber.

Wheat is not only the main source of starch and energy, but also provides a large number of ingredients that are essential or beneficial to health, especially protein, vitamins (especially B vitamins), dietary fibre and phytochemicals.

Wheat cultivation in India traditionally been dominated by the northern region of India. The northern states of Punjab and Haryana Plains in India have been prolific wheat producers. While this cereal grass has been studied carefully in the past, recent years of painstaking research by India's finest scientific talent has paid off with the development of distinctly superior varieties of Durum Wheat. This hard wheat is cultivated in clayey soil and is highly sought after for its physical characteristics.

Wheat Flour

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Wheat flour is a powder made by grinding wheat for human consumption. If the gluten content is low, the wheat variety is called "soft" or "weak", and if the gluten content is high, it is called "hard" or "strong".

Wheat flour is unique among cereal flours in that, when mixed with water, its protein components form an elastic network capable of retaining gas and developing a firm spongy structure during cooking.