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Types of Bearings

1. Ball Bearings

Ball Bearings are probably one of the most common types of bearings that are useful for different purposes. These types of bearings are found in applications where there is lesser load, hence this type of bearing can handle radial and thrust load having the wide range of operating speeds.

Ball bearings are pretty much versatile in nature. Different applications where ball bearings are used are gear reducers, electric motors, and pumps. Apart from this, ball bearings also serve different purposes for heavy industrial equipment like pumps, extruders, large motors, mining, oil and gas drilling and mining applications

Types of Ball Bearings are:

Deep groove

Angular Contact

Angular Contact Double Row

2. Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Cylindrical Roller Bearings are made to hold heavy radial loads, they are usually used in applications like conveyor belt rollers, etc. In this case, the bearing has a roller that is cylinder hence the point of contact is a line. This helps to spread the load over the larger area that allows the bearing to handle greater loads in comparison to a ball bearing. Cylindrical bearings are made with the single row, two rows or multi-rows of rolling elements that help to meet an application’s radial load requirement.

Roller bearings are available in many standard series and configurations that are used in the wide number of industries. The unique characteristic of having a high load capacity, industrial interchange ability and moderate speed rating makes its design, the most popular bearing designs available.

Types of Cylindrical Roller Bearings are:

Single-row bearing

Journal bearings

Double row bearings

Full Complement Single Row bearing

Full Complement Double Row bearing

Multirow bearing

Cluster Mill bearing

3. Tapered Roller Bearings

Tapered Roller Bearings are common in industrial applications, the tapered rollers in the bearings allow it to accommodate heavy radial, axial and combination loads. The bearing configuration and its flexible loading capability are designed from single cups, double cups, and cones. Hence, they are used in almost every industry use.

The standard tapered roller bearings have a “pin-type” design that makes it versatile to be used in the variety of applications. It is most commonly used in applications having very high loads and high speeds.

Types of Tapered Roller Bearings are:

Single Row bearing

Double Row (TDO, TDI, TDIE) bearing

Four-Row Bearing

4. Spherical Roller Bearings

Spherical Roller Bearings are rolling element bearings that help rotation with low friction and it also allows angular misalignment too. The misalignment is permitted due to the spherical internal shape of the outer ring and spherical rollers. Spherical roller bearings support rotating shaft into the bore of an inner ring that could be misaligned as compared to the outer ring.

As their name represents, they are NOT truly spherical in shape, the rolling elements in roller bearings are more cylindrical in shape, slightly over-inflated. Spherical roller bearings are used in varieties of industrial applications that have heavy loads and moderate speeds. Most common applications are wind turbines, gearboxes, pumps, mechanical fans, construction equipment, marine propulsions, off-roading vehicles, etc.

Types of Spherical Roller Bearings are:

Spherical Plain Bearings

Rod Ends, Spherical Ball Bearings

Many Other Dimensional Series Varieties

5. Thrust Bearings

Thrust bearings are a type of rotary bearings, they allow rotation between the parts and are so designed to support high axial load while being parallel to the shaft. Different thrust bearings are used for supporting different amounts of axial loads.

The ball thrust series can relatively handle lighter loads while the Angular contact series can handle the load from both radial and thrust loads in both directions. There are several designs and configurations available in thrust bearings depending on the industry type and applications for they are used.

Types of Thrust Bearings are:

Ball Thrust bearings

Ball Angular contact

Double Acting Angular Contact

Cylindrical Roller

Crane Hook Cylindrical Roller

Light Duty Double Acting Cylindrical

Center Plate Double Acting Cylindrical

Spool type Double Acting Cylindrical

Tapered Roller

V-Flat Tapered Roller

Double Acting V-Flat Tapered Roller

Screwdown Thrust Tapered Roller

6. Bearing special greases
7. High -temperature grease

Chuck Grease Each of these products is designed and manufactured with an objective to reduce breakdowns and downtime, leading to minimum maintenance overheads.


Curved Tooth Flexible Gear Couplings are unique of its kind in the field of mechanical power transmission. These gear couplings have outstanding features like mechanical flexibility and compensation of misalignment (angular, parallel and axial) of the connected shafts. These can used extensively in various industries like rolling mills, cranes, cement plants, dredgers, conveyors and elevators, rubber & plastic industries, compressors, fans, blowers, and in many other industries. These couplings consist of to halves with internal teeth having curved/ crowned shape & two outer sleeves with internal spur teeth. Thus coupling ensures a greater flexibility because of its well designed tooth profile which allows a maximum area of contact between the external and internal teeth under any misaligned condition. Special ‘O’ rings have been provided at the end of the coupling hubs to prevent any leakage of the lubricant and entry of dust inside the coupling.

Up to size FGC - 03 both hubs and casings are made of steel confirming to 45C - 8 of IS : 1570. From size FGC - 04 casings are made of cast steel confirming to 23 - 45 of IS : 1030. Teeth of the couplings are heat treated to a hardness of HB 240 - 280. Bolts are also made of steel confirming to 45C - 8 of IS : 1570.

Couplings are also available in the following versions:

Full Geared Flexible Type,

Half Geared Flexible Type,

Spacer Type

Mill Motor Type

Floating Shaft Type

Brake Drum Type

Vertical Type






We are an ISO 9001 : 2008 registered unit, having registration with NSIC, with specialization in Belt Conveyor System & its accessories like Conveyor drum Pulleys, Idlers/Rollers with frame & Holding bracket, main Stringer, stringer short support, Pulley Frames, etc from 400 to 2000 mm belt width for Thermal Power Plant, collieries and have been supplying the same to different Govt./public Sector undertaking & Private Sectors.


DESIGN &STANDARD : The idlers are suitable for bulk material handling & work in strenuous working conditions and heavy dust laden atmosphere. The end covers are designed very precisely so that it would not permit accumulation of dust & ingression of water. The design is robust & sturdy requiring maintenance limited only to cleaning the external surface & replacing them on conveyor run.

BEARING : The idlers are fitted with seize resistant & deep groove (Required for revelant items) ball bearings with C3 clearance of SKF/FAG/NTN/NBC make with sufficient amount of Hi-lithium base grease for entire life of idlers.

ROLLER SHELL : The roller shells are made from ERW pipes with close tolerance on thickness concentricity, straightness, surface finish, etc. as stipulated in IS : 9295 Gr. 1 (YST – 210) which ensures minimum diametrical run out. In case of heavy series idlers seamless tubes are used as per customer’s specification.

HOUSING : Housing are made from deep drawn CRCA sheet as per IS : 513 (As specified by customer) & are welded simultaneously at both ends of the tube by Double ended MI welding machine.

SHAFT : Shafts are made out of 40C8/45C8 as per IS : 1570/EN-8 as per BS : 970 Round.

SEALING : Multistage nylon labyrinth set (Nylon-6), M.S Dust Cap (CRCA, as per IS : 513, Galv.) with unique sealing arrangement are provided to ensure dust and water resistance of the rollers.

IMPACT ROLLERS : Rubber disc are fitted on the roller with Internal locking arrangement so that it would not run over the pipe. High abrasive resistant rubber with shore hardness 65 5 in scale A are used for rubber disc.

TESTING EQUIPMENT : We have all type of testing Equipments of Idler Rollers Dust Ingress Testing, Friction Factor Testing, Radisl Runout Test Fixture, Water Ingress Testing.

We are looking for business associates who can help us introduce these products in export markets. Here are some reasons why you should buy from us:

Original and reliable products

Great value for money

Technical support


The nominal designation for these belts is inside length (Li) in inches. temperature with stand range of V-Belts is -15 degree C to + 80 degree C. Belts are Oil resistant & antistatic.

Application:- Industrial drives such as generators, pumps, ball-mille, crushers, compressors etc.


We are supplier almost entire range of Wedge Belts. The nominal length for wedge Belts is Designated aspitch length (Lp) in Millimeter.


V-Ribbed belts, also termed as poly V-Belts, can be described as flat cord- reinforced transmission belts with length wise running triangular-shaped ribs with a top angle of 40 degree. This construction leads to good support for all cords in the reinforcement and therefore an even load distribution is achieved.


Our Conveyor Belts confirms to IS: 1891.

Conveyor Belts are manufactured with varieties of fabrics e.g. Nylon / Nylon, Polyester / Nylon, Cotton / Cotton, Cotton / Nylon. For Nylon / Nylon - Belt elasticity is high, Tensile strength is high too.

It resists impact and has excellent flexibility resistance and trough ability. Apart from these, its elongation is small. So suitable for middle & long distance transportation of higher load & speed.

Conveyor Belt Construction : Rubber Conveyor Belt Consists of Cover Rubber & Carcass made up of skim Coated reinforcing fabric.


In all industries, transmission of mechanical power, is made with help to various types of drives such as Flat -Belt, V - Belt, Chain and Sprocket, Gear, coupling etc. But each of the many ways of power transmission has its particular field of applications.

The outstanding property of Rubber transmission Belting is derived from its friction Flat surface, and easy in installation and maintenance and safety it to the drive. The troubles free services in Industrial and agriculture applications in a sured with their improve quality both in tensile and friction surface Rubber transmission belting.

Type of Super Transmission Belting

Super : Ideal for high speed and heavy duty drives with shock load, 34 OZ (970)g/m2 is used for manufacturing this Super Belt.

Speed : Manufacture for all type of Industrial and agricultural applications. This is manufactured with 31 OZ (910) g/m2.

Constructional Features

Transmission Belting consists of plies of closely woven, high tensile fabric thoroughly calendared and skim coated with super grade rubber compound, containing fungoid preventer inhibitor. It is available in square edge construction and it is approximately 50 metre long Rolls.

Special Features

Specification : Conform to IS 1370-1976 and BS 351-1950.

Flexibility : Perfectly suitable for high speed and heavy duty drives subjected to severe flexing.

Constructional Advantage : Belting may be used on drives where both surfaces of the belt come in contact with the pulleys. This belting with wide varieties of plies and widths are suitable to most of the industrial and agricultural drives in a wide range of speed.

Immunity from Edge Wear : The sealing of the edges with a compound protects the belt from ingress of moisture there by resisting wear and consequent fraying.

Easy Identification : For different brands, different labels appear on the surfaces of belting at regular intervals for easy identification. The edges are painted with blue, & green colours for SUPER and SPEED belting respectively.


Dynagrip Dual Duty Pulleys are equipped with 'Easy-Grip' taper bushes to achieve easy mounting and to eliminate re-boring of pulleys. Easy-Grip bushes accommodate a wide range of tolerance variations found in commercial shafting. The construction of 'Easy-Grip' is such that even an unskilled worker can mount the pulleys on to the bushes just with the help of an Allen wrench.

Dynagrip Dual Duty Pulleys are equipped with 'Easy-Grip' taper bushes to achieve easy mounting and to eliminate re-boring of pulleys. Easy-Grip bushes accommodate a wide range of tolerance variations found in commercial shafting. The construction of 'Easy-Grip' is such that even an unskilled worker can mount the pulleys on to the bushes just with the help of an Allen wrench.

Dual Duty Pulleys are made from high quality cast iron and are machined to fine limits, and are balanced statically wherever necessary. Dynamically balanced pulleys are also available at extra cost. About 300 sizes of standard pulleys made it possible to select the drives within ± 1.5% of required speeds with a maximum speed ratio of 1:7.

Normally, keyways are suitable for rectangular parallel keys as per I.S. 2048 1975. Some bushes can accommodate slightly larger shafts using thinner keys. Details are on Page 7.

It should be noted that life of belts and pulleys not only depend on quality but also on proper drive selection. Drive design facilities are also available without any obligation.

Advantages at a glance -

Eleminates reboring & keywaying.

Accomodates wide range of tolerance variations of shafts.

Grips like shrink fit.


Easy to mount & easy to remove.

Takes little time for installation.

Can be mounted or removed by a simple ‘Allen’ - wrench

No protruding part.

Engineering Materials and parts

We are supplier of wide range of









Made from Copper , Aluminium and Steel as per requirement from clients worldwide.

Copper Tubes

Copper Tubes (Air Conditioning Systems and Refrigeration Systems)

Copper Tubes for Bus Pipes for Electrical Application

Copper Tubes for Automobile Industries

Copper Strips & Plates for Earthing System

Copper Tubes for Water & Gas

Copper Tubes for Heat Exchangers & Locomotives

Copper Tubes for Marine Application

Copper Rods for General Engineering & Electrical Industries

Copper Tubes for General Engineering

Copper Tubes for Heating Application & Solar Panels

Copper Strips & Bus Bars for Electrical Industries

Copper Fittings

LWC for ACR(Inner Grooved)

LWC for ACR(Plain)-Level Wound Coils

Pancake Coils

Insulated Copper Tubes/Pipes

Copper Water Tubes/pipes

Air Condition Straight Tubes

Plastic Coated Copper Tubes/Pipes

Brass Tubes

Brass Tubes For Furniture & Lightning Fixtures

Admiralty Brass Tubes For Evaporators & Coolers

Arsenic Brass Tubes For Sugar Industries

Brass Tubes For General Engineering Purpose

Admiralty Brass Tube C44300

Al-Brass Tube C68700

Cuni Tube C70600

Cuni Tube C71500

Cuni Tube C71640

Brass Tube C33000

Brass Tube C28000

Brass Tube C27000

Brass Tube C26000

Brass Tube C23000

Copper Fittings

Brass Fittings

Cupro Nickel 90/10

Cupro Nickel 70/30

Cupro Nickel Tubes

Cupro Nickel Tubes 90/10 for Heat Exchangers & Condensers

Cupro Nickel Tubes 90/10 for Automobile Industries

Cupro Nickel Pancake Coils

Curpo Nickel Tubes 95/5 & 90/10 for Marine application

Cupro Nickel Rods 90/10 for

Copper Alloy Tubes

Copper Sulphur Rod

Phosphor Bronze

Nickel Silver Rod

Arsenic Copper Rod

Copper Earthing System

About Copper Earthing System

Copper Earthing Compound